International Coffee Break

Coffee Shop Guides for the Caffeinated Jet Setter


The International Coffee Break project was initially inspired by a this Concierge Bath book I came across in the winter of 2015.  This compact sized guide book had all of my favorite places laid out for travelers to follow. It strayed from advertisements and honed in on the local shops, spots, and restaurants that make Bath the place we love today. I admired the simplicity and yearned to create something like it on my own.

For the second half of my second year at Bath Spa University, I decided to start my own coffee guide project. I've decided that no matter where I am in the world, a coffee shop feels like home. Today, we are bombarded by commercial big-box coffee chains, making it even harder to venture off and explore new cities. The purpose of these guides is to steer you off the path of convenience and towards local independent coffee shops. For this project, I have shot images for Paris, Miami, Bath, and I am beginning the London portion.

I plan to continue the project beyond the end of my time in University. My goal is to shoot Chicago within the next year and also consider New York,  Munich, Stockholm, and many others. I look forward to expanding this project across the globe. In the meantime, please enjoy the first completed book of the series, Paris. 

International Coffee Break: Paris