March/April 2015

This project really hits home for me. It began as an “open-ended” Iceland themed landscape project during the spring, congruent the school trip to Reykjavik that my university was advertising to the Photography students. But little did I know, my theme was going to follow me home. Being in Iceland taught me that two far places could actually have something in common. The way I photographed Iceland was the way I saw it. Natural. I would come back to the room at night and look over my photos from each day. Something about the shape and space of Iceland seemed outrageously similar to Delray Beach, Florida, although being located on two different sides of the planet and having contrasting climates. After recognizing the many visual ties and connections to my parent’s new location in Florida, I couldn’t help myself but to alter my landscape theme. I then went back to Florida during Spring break, where I had an opportunity to “remake” the images I had taken in Iceland, but with a twist. I truly had an amazing time making all these connections. In fact, it forced me to walk around and explore Delray Beach more than I had ever done so beforehand.

Below is a digital copy of the end result of this project. This is the first book I have design, in my life and in University. For an opportunity to look at the images up close, please visit the Distance from the Equator Photography page.

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