This Day in the Life series on Repack Espresso was created for a documentary series project during year 1 at Bath Spa University. The curriculum called for 6 final images depicting a day in the life with a subject. I chose Jonathan Prestidge, the owner of Repack Espresso, an independent coffee shop in Bath, England that I stopped into everyday I walked to university. Jonathan is a friendly coffee expert who is incredibly attentive to detail when it comes to the art of brewing joe. Every morning, he calibrates his coffee bean ratios for the day. Just like wine, coffee beans can change in flavor over time. So he measures his bean selections for the right temperature, time, weight settings for the cup you'll enjoy when his shop opens. 

Check out his websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter, and Tumblr if you are interested in learning more about Repack Espresso or coffee in general! I highly recommend stopping by his place if you happen to be in Bath.